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This is NOT the Wim Hof Method (WHM). I am not a Wim Hof instructor and am therefore not qualified to teach the WHM. On the other hand, the great Wim "The Iceman" Hof developed the system with abundant influence from yoga and I'm more than qualified to teach yoga. In my opinion. ;-)

Cold Showers for Yoginis & Yogis

The Gist

At minimum, you should practice daily the two fundamental techniques.

  1. A special pranayama (yogic breathing exercise). This technique provides its own wonderful benefits but, as importantly, makes it much easier to do part #2.
  2. A cold shower or cold bath. The art is to increase gradually the intensity and duration of the exposure. Neither too much nor too little. I can teach you to self moderate your practice for maximum benefits and utmost safety.

I personally highly recommend a 3rd practice which makes the cold shower/bath much easier to perform with control. Additionally you can add a number of other yoga practices which fit your tastes and nature.

At minimum you will spend 10 to 15 minutes daily + shower time which you would take anyway. That's very reasonable. Of course you can also invest more time if you feel up to it and have the time luxury to do so.

Oh, and by the way, the practice (including the cold exposure) is yoga itself and is perfectly compatible with any yoga path you are following.

"The cold is the healer."

Some Benefits of The System

Daily cold exposure can turbo boost the benefits resulting from any yoga practices. Generally, I hate overhyping benefits of any practice but, in this case, it's really hard to pull back. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Feel fantastic a few hours each day. This is the short term benefit and the most significant as far as I'm concerned. It will take you less than a week to judge for yourself whether I'm exagerating or not.
  • More physical stamina
  • More mental clarity and energy
  • Improve mood and decrease depression or sadness. The chemical reaction in the brain and nervous system is potent. To say the least. Neuro-transmitters/hormones galore. I'm being vague on purpose. I'm not a doctor or scientist and don't want to pretend to be one.
  • Increase you willpower. You will do every day something that your lower mind and body REALLY don't want to do. Your willpower and self-discipline will build up overtime as a natural consequence.
  • Stress management. You put yourself in one of the most stressful situations you can imagine, perceived by the brain as a live-or-die crisis, but you still manage to actively relax your body and mind fully. This will be reflected in your ability to handle stress in daily life.
  • Lower chronic inflammation. It's been shown that the practice lowers inflammation markers in one's blood. It's fair to assume that this will result in lowering lots of chronic diseases which are normally affected by inflammation. Some of these effects have already been scientifically validated.
  • Boost the immune system. You won't be sick as much and should you fall sick, such as getting the flu or COVID-19, you will be less affected.
  • Much more but I like to under-promise and let the practice over-deliver.

"If Wim Hof had been on the titanic, the movie would have had a very different ending."

I Specialize in Helping Cold Water Wimps ...

... primarily because I was one of the worst!

You know you are not a fearless swami when you decline to swim in the beautiful Caribean in the Bahamas in February because the water is "too cold". [shame].

I had heard about the cold exposure many years before I started with the practice. Although I was convinced of the announced benefits, I kept pushing it back out of fear. Do not let that fear prevent you from unlocking your potential. The preparatory exercises plus using a very gradual progression into the cold will help you come out victorious. Don't get me wrong there will still be 1 minute or 2 every day of apprehension (mixed with excitement) but, a few minutes later, you will know it was worthwhile to take the jump. Every. Single. Time.

Age is a factor

If you are in your twenties, you will most likely be able to progress and reach the 10-minute ice bath mark (mastery) relatively quickly. As a young woman or man, your body's capacity for thermo-genesis (creating inner heat) is high. For those of us who are older, it takes more time but we can reach the same destination. It's actually a way to reverse ageing.

"The cold is your friend."

Dangers & Contra-indicactions

I hate to be dramatic but there are dangers associated to this practice and some good folks have even died from it! Those extreme occurrences usually come as a result of hyperventilation breathing and can be easily avoided.

As far as cold exposure is concerned, people with the following conditions should either abstain or check with their doctor before embarking on this journey:

  • Epilepsy
  • Taking high blood pressure prescription medication)
  • Heart disease
  • History of serious health issues such as heart failure or stroke

How to Learn?

There are 3 ways to learn this yoga:

  • Self-learning. Perfect if you are the autodidacte type. You can buy some courses but there is plenty of free material on the net as well. It's up to you to put the pieces together. It takes longer but it's cheaper.
  • From Wim Hof or a Wim Hof instructor. They offer workshops and seminars. Perfect solution to benefit from a certain group dynamic. Wim Hof is great at energizing everyone and the group members get really psyched. You need to enjoy this type of energy.
  • Private Guidance. This is what I offer. The main benefit is to be able to devise your own path based on your unique personality and circumstances.

Be Part of Our Community

All my 'cold exposure' private students can join a Facebook private group in which we ask each other questions and support each other in this path.

It's a good way for me to be and stay in touch with all students.

How Do I Get Started

Please go to the home page for registration protocol and pricing.


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